Il metodo migliore per imparare i segreti della fotografia nel modo più veloce ed efficace.

Un corso disegnato su di te, sulla tua esperienza ( non assolutamente necessaria),  la tua attrezzatura e le tue esigenze fotografiche dove ci concentreremo solo su quello che ti serve per migliorare la  tecnica fotografica in base ai tuoi gusti o alle tue esigenze commerciali.

Per qualche consiglio sulle vostre foto ed un preventivo gratuito contattatemi al 3201524393

o su

Qui sotto qualche testimonianza  dei partecipanti ai miei corsi di fotografica:

grazie alla pazienza ed al corso fotografico di adolfo ho iniziato ad amare la fotografia, sono bastate poche ore della sua professionalità per farmi capire come ottenere ottimi risultati ed avere la voglia di continuare a scoprire tutte le possibilità che il mondo della fotografia offre.

Giorgio ( Italy)

I took Adolfos photo workshop to try to improve my skills after having had my camera for a year. Adolfo is extremely knowledgable about his field and on top has a very logic and patient way to explain things and how they work.I am for sure not the best student Adolfo ever had but despite that he did not give up and repeated the same things again and again until I fully understood them. He never got irritated when I asked the same questions again but took everything with a smile. On top of being really skilled at what he does, Adolfo is also a very nice and pleasant person to work with. I can highly recommend his training to anyone interested in improved their underwater photo skills." Hanne Birkbo ( Denmark)

Adolfo's course opened my eyes. The shots that had always been there - if only I'd thought to take them. The shots where sinking half a metre made the difference between a throw-away and a publish. The settings that give me something I can use in post-prod. The controls in post-prod to turn a murky green into a beautiful coloured shot. The mistakes I made, that are so obvious now. Adolfo gave me the tools and knowledge to be self-critical. To recognise where I went wrong. And where I'm still going wrong. And how to improve. And how to keep improving. I've got a long way to go…and when I've taken myself a little way down that road - I'll be back to visit Adolfo, asking for a map for the next stretch. Thanks again! Marcus Deglos (Uk)

I took Adolfo's underwater photography course because wanted great looking underwater pictures with my new Canon Powershot G15 camera. What l liked best about his class is that it is one-on-one with my camera and that he showed me how to take better pictures underwater. I read the manual but this course was much easier, faster, enjoyable and more in-depth. He also offered tips on composition and photo editing. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. It was really easy to get good results fast with this course. that I really liked was that he corrected my technique underwater and l learned a lot from that. I also got tips on buoyancy, composition and photo editing. Lorie Abrhams ( Canada)

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